Heritage Lutheran Church is a Bible-believing, confessional Lutheran church that proclaims the true Word of God.

What to Expect

Welcome To Heritage

If you are planning a visit to our congregation for the first time, we want you to know how glad we are to have you with us. We also want to take this opportunity to explain our worship service to you, so that you will feel at home. Our worship services follow the tradition preserved and amended through the generations from early Christendom. As such none of our orders of service are Lutheran inventions, although they were reformed and corrected for Lutheran use in the days of the Reformation. Christians from Anglican, Roman Catholic, and other denominations will recognize many familiar elements of our worship services. We use the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, Published by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (formerly the Norwegian Synod) in 1996. The Hymnary includes a number of orders of worship, including four variations of the Divine Service, the Office of Prime (for early morning), Matins (morning), and Vespers (evening). Just as our orders of worship are not strictly Lutheran, but representative of Christian worship far predating the Reformation era, so also the hymns in our Hymnary are not all the product of Lutherans. The hymn selections in the Hymnary are examples of the finest of Christian worship hymns handed down through the centuries. Hymn authors and composers represent a variety of Christian traditions, because great hymns, proclaiming the truth of Christ, and grounded in Holy Scripture, are treasures regardless of the denomination affiliation of the author. We hope and pray that you will be blessed by the ministry of God’s Word during your time at Heritage. We hope that you will come and worship with us again next week. You will always be most welcome in our midst, in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Worship Schedule

  • Sunday Worship Service at 8 AM & 10:30 AM
  • Sunday Worship Service at 9 AM  (May 22nd – Labor Day)

You’re also welcome to worship with us virtually!