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January 2024 Newsletter

Heritage Herald – January 2024 Edition

From Pastor’s Desk

A New Year Prayer

Lord God, Heavenly Father, as we close out the old year and enter the new, I thank you for all your blessings poured out upon me.  You kept your promise to supply me with all I need for body and life.  You gave me my daily bread, clothing, shelter, medical care, good friends, good neighbors, peace, and much more.   But  above all you blessed me spiritually. You kept me in the Faith in Jesus Christ. You fed and nourished me through the Gospel and the Sacrament of Jesus’ body and blood. You taught me your Word and helped me grow closer to you in wisdom and knowledge.  You heard my prayers and answered them.  You forgave all my sins. When I felt frightened and alone you took me by the hand.[1]  You encouraged me and lifted me up. You led me to fix my eyes on the cross and thereby you filled me with courage and hope.  You reminded me often that you have prepared a mansion for me in the Father’s house in heaven where one day I will see you face to face. For all of this, and more, I owe you an immeasurable debt of gratitude. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the depths of my soul.  As long as I have breath I will sing your praise and proclaim your glory in the company of your people in the house of the Lord.

I know and confess that I am not worthy of anything I ask of you, nor have I deserved them.  I pray that you would not look upon my many sins or deny my prayer because of them.  I humbly ask for your mercy and grace, asking that you give me what I pray for by grace for the sake of Jesus Christ.[2] In this new year I ask for your continued providence. Like King Solomon of old, I ask for neither wealth, power, nor fame.[3] But grant me grace to love you with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Help me love my neighbor as myself.  Help me to honor your Word and Sacraments.  Help me to be a good and faithful husband, father, and preacher.  Help me to be content in you in all circumstances. Help me to speak, think, and act in all things to your glory.

In Jesus’ name and for his sake,


[1] “I am the Lord; I have called you in righteousness;
I will take you by the hand and keep you;  Isaiah 42:6

[2] The Lord’s Prayer, the 5th Petition, “Forgive us our trespasses….”  What does this mean? We pray in this petition that our Father in heaven would not look at our sins, or deny our prayer because of them. We are neither worthy of the things for which we pray, nor have we deserved them, but we ask that He would  give them all to us by grace, for we daily sin much and surely deserve nothing but punishment. So we too will sincerely forgive and gladly do good to those who sin against us.

[3] 1 Chronicles 3:10-14


Treasurer Update

FY24 December Financial Summary

Council Updates

Director Reports

In reach –The children’s Christmas Service will be on December 24. This is the last year for Jodi leading the Christmas program.

Spiritual Oversight – Cradle Roll follow up is in the works to continue contact with non-member families.

School Board – There has been a continued review of the school Call process. There have been some enrollment changes in current student body. We still need volunteers for lunch bunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sarah Smith is greeting students and families with a devotion in the morning and is looking into a picture devotional that can be given to families.  The compensation plan was disseminated to the current faculty.

Outreach – They received a lot of contact information at the Bazaar.  The Thanksgiving pie social was well received and attended.

Properties – The flooring project is complete, and the office relocation is in process. There are several folks involved in the reorganization of the entryway for the school.  Painting is still to be completed.

Treasurer – We are in line with the annual budget. There was a significant contribution to the debt reduction for the property mortgage.

Chairman– Extensive work continues on the school initiative and the Call process.

TLC/Office– TLC Christmas party will be happening next week.  Seminary gifts have been collected and delivered to Mankato.


Call Extended for Heritage Lutheran School Grades K-2

At the call meeting this last Sunday, the voters of Heritage extended a Divine Call to Miss Nicole Roper to teach in our new K-2 classroom. She is currently serving as preschool director and teacher at Cross of Christ in Coon Rapids. Please pray for her as she deliberates her new call to Heritage as well as her current call at Cross of Christ. May the Lord guide her to what is best for his Kingdom.

Thanks to all of you who attended the call meeting. It was a great turnout and an even better discussion.

In his service,

Dave Paulsen, Congregational President

John LaSalle, School Board Co-Director

Dusty Balliet, School Board Co-Director


School Open House

Our annual open house is scheduled for Sunday, January 28th from Noon until 2:00 p.m. Please help spread the word as we will begin enrolling for the 2024/2025 school year and enrollment will include students entering preschool through 2nd grade.

TLC – The Ladies’ Connection

Thank you to everyone who donated for the seminary students’ Christmas. Each of the 8 students received gift cards for groceries, gas and a local restaurant. They also were given a mix for Apostle soup and another jar mix. The children each received clothing, a book, and a toy or activity. We have received several thank you notes. They are posted on the volunteer board. Please take a few moments to read them.

Adult Bible Study Opportunities

Women’s Bible Study. 

The Monday night Bible class will resume on Jan. 8th at 6:30 p.m. in the Heritage fellowship hall. We will be continuing our study of Ecclesiastes. Contact Ruth B. with questions.

Men’s Bible Study

The Men’s Thursday Morning Bible Class will reconvene on January 11th.

Properties Board

Jesse Chapman and the properties board would like to report that the floor project is complete. Work is being done to move the office to the entryway near the white doors. Volunteers will be needed and there will be a signup for volunteers to clean the Sanctuary, Narthex and gym starting this month.

Members Helping Members

Greetings from Members Helping Members,
We help with rides to doctors’ appointments, limited help with car repairs, meals, or any other help someone may need. This month we supplied several meals to two families in need. Please contact Pastor or myself if you need any help. If you would like to help on this committee, please contact me.
Thank you,
Barb Oachs

Companions in Prayer 

My Prayer Story:

Joy!  Isn’t that a wonderful word.  It calls to mind all sorts of occasions where people have joy.  Think of the smile of newlyweds as they walk down the aisle, the jubilation of a team and its fans when the win “the big one”, the quiet joy of a new mother or father as they hold their baby for the first time.  There is currently a commercial on TV for DisneyWorld that shows a little boy standing in front of Mickey Mouse, eyes shining and the biggest smile I have ever seen – pure joy!  I hope you have had that kind of joy as we traveled again to Bethlehem to the manger to worship our newborn King.  The angels told the shepherds “Fear not, for I bring glad tidings of great joy”!  When I look at the Concordance in my Bible, I find reference to 17 verses that include the word joy.  My wish for you as we enter the New Year is that your faith has been renewed by the reminder of the birth of our Savior, that you have peace in your heart knowing your sins have ben forgiven and that you have a blessed New Year!

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come!  Let earth receive her King!”

Congregation Prayer Suggestions: 

Intercessory prayer – prayers on the behalf of others – are a part of a Christian’s life.  If you have a request for Companions in Prayer at Heritage to pray for you or someone you know, please contact Alice Schmidt, Pastor Anderson or the Office.

Each of you have a list of those you pray for, but consider adding these to it.

  • The wars in the Middle East and Ukraine fill our TV screens every day. Destruction and devastation seem to reign, but remember God is in control.
  • Pray for the Heritage family members who are facing serious adversity, especially those facing critical illness.
  • A call has been placed to Nicole Roper to teach in our new K-2 classroom. She is currently serving as preschool director and teacher at Cross of Christ in Coon Rapids. Please pray for her as she deliberates her new call to Heritage as well as her current call at Cross of Christ. May the Lord guide her to what is best for his Kingdom.


Serving in January

January Greeters                                            February Greeters

1/7 – Wright                                                     2/4 – Arehart

1/14 – Korstad                                                 2/11 – L. Leary/B. Oachs

1/21 – LaSalle                                                 2/18 – Reedstrom

1/28 – Natvig                                                  2/25 – Remus

Greeter Guidelines

To provide a consistent, friendly, and sincere greeting every Sunday to all members and visitors to Heritage Lutheran Church, guidelines have been developed to help accomplish that goal.  Following are some of those guidelines:

  • Please mark your calendar for the date you are assigned. The date assigned will be published in the Heritage Newsletter for a two-month period.
  • Please be ready to greet no less than 20 minutes before each service for which you have been assigned.
  • As you greet visitors, please encourage them to sign our guest book. If there are two people greeting, one of you could escort them to the guest book while the other continues to greet.  Ideally you should try to introduce them to another member standing nearby.  Sometimes this is difficult to do as the service is starting.  In that case, try to chat with them after the service and introduce them to other members after the service.
  • Stay at the door until the service is underway; visitors quite often show up late and really need extra help in getting bulletins and a place to sit. Feel free to involve the ushers as needed.
  • If you have a chance, get their contact information from the guest book or by asking them for it, and then follow up with a thank you text, email, or note sent to them thanking them for visiting our church. If you inform the church office, they could help with this task.
  • If you are unable to greet at both services, please ask someone to fill in for you. If you find out at the last minute, text the following who are willing to help –  Remus 651-800-5827, Braun 612-237-1064, Fahning 952-200-2870, Eisenbeis 651-230-4423, Barb Oachs 952-465-5272
  • If you have a conflict with the date you were assigned, please contact someone from your month or the next month and trade with them. This helps those doing the scheduling with juggling all the rescheduling. Thank You!

January Ushers & Acolytes

1/7 – 8:00 – Kevin Henricks, Jef Sutton/Cooper Sickmann

10:30 – Josh Mears, Phil Holz/Josiah Mears

1/14 – 8:00 – Micah Steward, Tim Oachs/Ushers

10:30 – Jesse & Fischer Chapman/Ushers

1/21 – 8:00 – Larry Sickmann, Chris Nikoley/Jaycen Steward

10:30 – Steve & Elijah Cook/Josiah Mears

1/28 – 8:00 – Jacob Calhoun, Dave Paulsen/Ushers

10:30 am – Dan Schwanz, Bruce Voigt/Ushers

January Recording

1/7 – Stan Miller

1/14 – Martin Paulsen

1/21 – Libby Paulsen

1/28 – Stan Miller

January Altar Guild

Shirley Schwanz/Hannah Anderson

January Fellowship

1/7 – Open

1/14 – Open

1/21 – Open

1/28 – Open

January Birthdays

10 Lisa Leary 

15 Erich Bobka 

16 Maddie Paulsen 

16 Jacob Calhoun 

17 Sterling Korstad 

18 Adalynn Korstad 

26 Chris Nikoley 

26 Teri Olson 

January Calendar 

January 2024 Calendar