Heritage Lutheran Church is a Bible-believing, confessional Lutheran church that proclaims the true Word of God.

Work day

Come be part of the action that is beautifying the building and grounds of Heritage! As you are all hopefully aware, we will, at long last, be installing the magnificent stained glass this coming Saturday, but we will be aiming to accomplish much more.
Many hands are needed to clear out the sanctuary, and after that, while installation is progressing, there are many other tasks to tend to.
Here’s a sample:
  • Trim/shape lilacs, spirea, hydrangea, rose trees and/or bushes
  • Roll up hoses, turn off water inside, drain spigots
  • Vacuum out light fixtures, replace dead bulbs and ballasts
  • Clean window sashes & sills, wash windows (prior to stained glass install specifically, other windows more generally)
  • Cut down buckthorn on berm (chainsaw required)
  • Concrete removal out kitchen entry for future garbage corral installation
  • Patch and paint holes/gouges in the sheetrock around the building (that lousy camera installer is responsible for more than a few of those…)
  • Set up for outdoor service
  • Any other need you’ve seen personally and want to attack…
  • Clean and reset sanctuary after install is complete (might be a Sunday task)
We will start with clearing out the sanctuary at 9am. Those helping with the install will be there all day and you’re welcome to stick around as long as you can. Pizza lunch will be provided. Please let the church office know if you can come.