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BLC Band Concert

Bethany Concert Band “World Music Tour”
The Bethany Lutheran College Concert Band, under the direction of Professor Benjamin Faugstad, will perform their “World Music Tour” at Heritage Lutheran Church in place of the 10:30 a.m. worship service.
Their program begins with a set of three tunes, which depict the journey of the day: Robert Sheldon’s “Appalachian Morning,” Todd Stalter’s “Counterbalance,” and Steven Bryant’s “Dusk.” We then travel to four different regions of the world, starting in the Midwest with Karl King’s “The Trombone King.” Our next stop is to the United Kingdom, where we hear Patrick Doyle’s “Brave” and Samuel Hazo’s “Sòlas Ané.” Our next two selections are led by student conductor, Tamara Omar, who leads us to the mysterious and vast untamed Arabian deserts in Jeremy Bell’s “The Ocean of Fire.” Our final stop is “Great Wall,” by William Owens, which depicts a battle during the Chinese Ming dynasty. Closing out the program is a new composition from the popular television series, “The Mandalorian,” which is expected to see a third season released in the coming months.
Heritage Lutheran Church will be the eighth and final stop on the BLC Band Tour. The concert will be Sunday, March 13 at 10:30 a.m.  (Daylight Savings Time begins that day, so remember to turn clocks forward one hour.) A freewill donation will be available at the 10:30 a.m. concert to help offset tour expenses.