Heritage, with guidance from the synod, CDC, and Minnesota Department of Health, has developed a protocol to keep our members safe while attending services. Because we can never be 100% certain we won’t come in contact with Covid-19 out in public, we ask everyone to weigh for themselves if coming in for corporate worship is right them them. Services will continue to be streamed online to the Heritage Website and our YouTube channel and private communion can still be scheduled with pastor at any time.

For those who will be attending worship we have devised a plan to minimize the risk associated with gathering in groups. Highlighted below are a few of the biggest changes to our normal services.

  1. Everyone will be ushered to their seats upon entering the building and ushered directly out of the building upon completion of the service.
  1. Seating will be spaced in a way to ensure a distance of at least six feet between families.
  1. Windows and doors will remain open during the services to provide adequate ventilation.
  1. Pastor will greet the congregation from the chancel and proceed directly to his office after the service. He will also wear a mask and gloves to distribute Holy Communion.
  1. There will be no common cup offered at communion. If you prefer to receive Holy Communion with the common cup you can call the office or pastor to schedule a private meeting for communion and he will provide the common cup in that setting.
  1. If a member should contract Covid-19 and has been participating in worship services we ask that they contact Pastor so he can alert other members to their potential exposure. Confidentiality will be maintained through this process. Any other questions or concerns can be directed to Pastor Anderson.

Many other actions to minimize the risk of spreading the virus are being taken as well. You can read the entire protocol here.